Born and bred in Transylvania (Romania), Sándor Nagy is a trilingual, transdisciplinary artist who is presently residing, studying, and working in Paisley, Scotland (UK).
Photography - West College Scotland | Paisley, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Visual Art & Painting - School of Art Brasov | Brasov, Transylvania (Romania)
2016 - 2018 Malta Society of Arts
2016 - 2018 Crafts Malta
Sándor began his career by participating in a number of art camps. He has since participated in innumerable international group exhibitions and held a personal exhibition at the Székely National Museum in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, and one in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
An up-to-date CV is available, please feel free to ask for it.
Over the years Sándor has been involved in happenings, performance art, and nature art, especially environmental and land art. Depending on the situation, inspiration, and type of project, he paints and creates photos or experimental short films. He often returns to applying chemicals used in analog photography on photo paper using a brush, referring to it as "painting with light". In the course of his career, he painted icons in Romania, Hungary, and Malta, created new frescoes, and restored old ones to make a living in Hungary for 11 years, and this is just a small portion of his varied activities. He has also worked as a freelance wedding photographer in Romania and designed one-of-a-kind handmade bags in Scotland and Malta. 

Although he employs a range of contemporary tools, supplies, and techniques for every project, his methodology is constant. In a world that is continuously changing due to tremendous advances in technology and unbelievable strains on the environment, he is often questioning our connection to the land and even exploring our loss of connection to the land. He wants to blur the lines between concepts and thinks that some issues just cannot be handled by one method.
Sándor believes that energy connects us within space and time to each other, to our planet, and cosmos. In particular, while he is experimenting and fusing various mediums, he finds calm and fulfillment in the creative process. His art has always included performance and ritual in crucial ways.
Despite his love for photography and his years of experience in the field, Sándor does not consider himself a photographer. Instead, he sees photography as a tool that allows him to easily roam and wander on the edges of creation.
Sándor spent 11 years in Hungary working as a fresco painter and restorer, producing innumerable murals and icons. Although using paint as a medium is still one of his favorites, he does not consider himself a painter.
Currently, Sándor is a student, works in the educational services sector, and is an active artist. He advocates for lifelong learning. He has focused particularly on photography and nature art in recent years.
If you were unable to work with Sándor in the past because of his career breakdowns and personal exile from public activities, he must apologize since this has completely changed now. As a result of the global pandemic, Sándor became cooperative again at the beginning of 2022, and since then he frequently collaborates on various projects with other artists, organizations, galleries, associations, and magazines.

Keep in touch if you'd like to learn more or receive a proposal. Please be as specific as you can about your event, project, etc. if you have the opportunity to do so and to increase your chances of receiving a fast response, especially if there are financial implications involved.
Sándor was born and reared in Transilvania, but after completing his education, he moved to Hungary in 2002, where he worked as a self-employed visual artist for 11 years, painting and restoring frescoes until moving once more, this time to Scotland. After living a few years in Scotland he relocated to Malta for about two years until deciding in 2018 to return to Scotland, which then unquestionably become his home.
Social media?
Sándor is active on most platforms, but do not try to get a whole picture of his output based just on what you may discover there. Although he recognizes the potential of those websites, he does not embrace them as a standard and frequently views them as manipulative and time wasters. As a result, he rarely updates his social media. Please ask before tagging Sándor in your posts as he frequently removes tags, but feel free to mention him in your posts if you may share his artwork or if you'd want to do so for any reason.
Please keep in mind that Sándor follows the wage rates recommended by the Scottish Artist Union if you decide to have a business connection with him. It's not all about the money, thus he frequently offers his skills and services for free in order to give back to society and assist certain deserving organizations. Please stay in touch if you want to learn more.
Sándor Nagy is holding worldwide public and product liability, as well as professional indemnity insurance for up to £5,000,000.
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​​​​​​​We appreciate you taking the time to read this lengthy essay; it was written with the intention of answering some of your possible questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sándor if you have any further queries or require any other information.
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