When global restrictions were in place during the pandemic, different pressures made everyone eventually go through one of the hardest periods of their lives. To make those challenges easier to process, Nagy started researching time and space and finally decided to go deeper into the subject.
For this part of the project, he is creating portraits and autoportraits, tending to look deep inside himself and his models through long and multi-exposure photos. Nagy is instructing his models as he is following certain concepts, wondering about the passage of time and its blurriness.
In this life, we only have so much time, and it can go by very fast or very slowly. We tend to forget both good and negative things with time, making it difficult to recall specific specifics while trying to recall something from the past.
We must sometimes dig further, far deeper inside of ourselves, and what we may discover there does not always satisfy us. However, if we have the courage to confront our demons, we will succeed.
Nagy is bold.
Please feel free to check out the other side of the project (The Blurriness of Space), as this is just one component of a larger project

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