Performance Art by Sandor Nagy
Photographer: Natalia Aronowicz
Date: 19/04/2023
Location: Abercorn Street, Paisley, Scotland
Final size: 80 L / 12 kg / approx. 80 cm diameter
Distance: 100 meters​​​​​​​
© 2023
Sandor Nagy & Natalia Aronowicz
All rights reserved.
We may say that even farmers are artists from a particular perspective. In addition to caring for their animals and the ecosystem, farmers are continuously building and re-creating their surroundings, including their homes, yards, and land.
Nagy was born and raised in Transylvania, where he was surrounded by nature and lived so near to it that, when he left his home, he was essentially already in the heart of it. Nagy would never think of equating himself with a farmer, but he is demonstrating respect and admiration for both nature and the farmer's way of life.
With a constant focus on adhering to the same philosophy, it was only a matter of time before Nagy became impressed and began to consider his options. He started looking into what could be gathered in cities after finding himself in one, not because he particularly wanted to, but because it is how life is. The outcome of his research is this project.
Multinational corporations frequently spend an unbelievable amount of money to manipulate us, especially the younger generations, into becoming addicted to their products while neglecting to educate us on how to properly process the enormous amount of packaging, which is frequently exaggerated to be served more desirably, thereby obviously attracting even more customers.
We are ruining our world while consuming these products, becoming addicted to them, and frequently damaging both the environment and our health as well. This art project's outcome is a terrible illustration of how much trash may accumulate in a tiny urban area (100 meters), on a little section of a street.
Considering the size of our world and the number of streets it has, we can't even begin to picture the trash that surrounds us after analyzing the results.

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