Past Is Present
Homage to Paisley and its fine people.
With thanks to my wife.
It is with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to showcase my work as the featured artist at this year's Big Art Show in Paisley, meticulously organized by Outspokenarts. The show had 12,500 visitors.
The piece entitled "Past Is Present" was presented as a dynamic moving image, projected on a grand scale alongside other remarkable works within the distinctive RE:MARKS exhibition space. Formerly the renowned Marks & Spencer's store, this location has undergone a transformative process, evolving into a captivating post-industrial art shed specifically for the Big Art Show.
The unique ambiance of the venue is a result of the thoughtful restoration that has revealed its original brick and steel structure. This deliberate design choice has fashioned an edgy and immersive installation space, evoking memories of iconic venues such as Glasgow's Tramway and Fruitmarket. The RE:MARKS exhibition space stands as a testament to the fusion of historical elements with contemporary art, providing a compelling backdrop for the diverse and innovative works featured in the Big Art Show. I am truly honored to have been part of this exhibition and to contribute to the rich tapestry of artistic expression within such a distinctive and resonant setting.
Thank you for your time and efforts in joining me on my wandering through Paisley's past. During my journey, I visited spots from researched vintage postcards while portraying the city as it looks today. For this project, I used a digital camera with a variety of lenses, two film cameras, and my own built analog camera, loaded with Kodak Professional Portra 400 Colour 120 Negative Film expired in June 2005, yes it's out of date for 18 years. I also conducted a number of cyanotype experiments.

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