Stone Balancing

After finishing his studies, Sándor first started to create nature art installations in 2002, when he was still living in Transylvania (RO). Over the years he is involved in different art projects, however, this part of his art is the only one that couldn’t be corrupted by anything or anyone in any way.

In a world that is constantly changing via incredible leaps in technology and unbelievable strains upon the environment, Sándor is constantly questioning our connection to the land and our loss of connection to that land. Sándor believes that energy connects us within space and time to each other, to our planet and cosmos. His “stone balancing” projects are an experiment on catching different energies in different parts of the world, wherever he is wandering.

Sándor’s Antenæ is usually created in nature, near a lake, a beach, on the top of a mountain, where he is finding peace and fulfillment in the creative process.

Thank you for the time to review Sándor’s stone balancing portfolio.

Apologies for some of the photo qualities, but usually the documentation is the secondary target therefore some of them are old photos, and most of them are taken with mobile phones.

Sándor’s Antenæ usually are not for sale, however, if you may find something you are interested in, you may have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sándor.

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