Performance Art

Here you can find a selection from Sándor’s performance art created between 2002-2020. Basically, every single project he is involved in at that time is a happening, performance. To showcase the diversity of Sándor’s performance art, let’s start with one of the older actions which took place in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania, in 2002 at his studio. Photos: Hanna Kolumbán

Going forward here you can find a few photos from 13-th Drum Festival, Dévaványa, Hungary, 2013. Performance art, happening, creating in nature is a very common thing in Sándor’s processes, he is often building stone balancing installations, painting, taking photos, or creating a new short movie. At this festival he was holding a painting workshop for anyone interested, however, teaching, tutoring others, selling some of his home decorations, and enjoying the festival he still found time and energy to create a drummer and a dancer right on the site. Photos: Erika & Sándor Nagy

Here you can see one of Sándor’s projects, where he asked two capoeira performers at the 13th Drum Festival, Dévaványa, Hungary, in 2013 to materialize his ideas. While performing, and following Sándor’s idea, basically they created a big size painting. An interesting fact in Sándor’s works is that everything is correlated to everything. Photographing details from this painting he is creating new digital works later on. Photos: Sándor Nagy

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