Sándor is still working on this project, therefore, the full material will be published, after the official vernissage. 

This is a homage to Edward Munch, and the project is inspired by one of his colored lithographs on paper, which he created in 1896, Das Kranke Madchen/The Sick Girl (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art).
The project will consist of 100 works in total, and its created on B&W analog photo paper, using a brush to paint on it with chemicals (warm tone developer, fixer and stop bath), and water. 
The light-sensitive paper was exposed to light for a certain time, then fixed as an analog photograph.
No camera or negative film was involved in the creation process, this is an experimental project, based on mathematics, routine, experience, inspiration, and a will of exploring the unknown.
The analog work is digitized afterward and is finished digitally, using photo editing software.

This work is the 13th attempt from the final 100 ones and is the first one that was finalized digitally.
As a medium, this can be called photography and painting also.

Nr. 13/100 Vers.001 - The sick girl by Sandor Nagy, Paisley 2022 Size: 42.10 x 56.30 cm

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