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Kind reminder:

  • I have terminated all my memberships and basically, I’m not willing to collaborate anymore with any gallery and/or art organisation in any form.
  • Please specify how I can help you, if you want to offer me an opportunity, please indicate exactly what my final payment is and note that I’m not willing to pay for any advertising, catalogue or to attend an exhibition or art camp. As I also have bills to pay, and in most cases, I expect a payment for my service or art work, unless we agree on a voluntary basis, which can also happen because I am very happy to give back to the society, supporting different noble causes.
  • I will not send a business plan in any form, if you want to invite me to an exhibition or art camp, you probably already know my works, if not, please look around on my website or ask for more detailed documentation.
  • If you would like to buy or commission, please try to be accurate regarding what you would like.
  • If you think you still want to communicate with me, please please feel free to do so, using the contact form below.