Analog Photography

When he started to study painting, at the very beginning of his career, Sándor came in contact with analog photography. He keeps mentioning this moment with shining eyes even after nearly 20 years when he first saw the magic when the image appeared on the paper in the darkroom while is being inserted in the proper chemical.

Here you can find a selection from the works done in this period. It was extremely hard to find some of them as most of the negatives are already lost.

Let’s start with the works exhibited in Sándor’s solo exhibition at Székely National Museum, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, Romania (2002) and later on at Virányosi Community House Budapest, Hungary (2003). This material is basically a documentation of a series of nature art installations and happenings near the rivers and forests around Sepsiszentgyörgy. Sándor’s first stone balancing was created while he prepared the project for his solo exhibition. The exhibition was a success, and no doubt unprecedented in the area at that time.

At that time Sándor was strongly avoiding working with people, however, there are a few captures that are breaking his own rule.

The first one, “Kali”, is one of Sándor’s preferred characters, he has already made several paintings also being inspired by the goddess of time in Hinduism. The work is a big-size photo montage from the solo exhibition.

The second capture is a sudden action of a colleague who attended the art camp organized by the Minimum Party Society (Romania). When it started to rain, Sándor noticed that this guy jumped on the ground, enjoying the rain and the moment. Sándor followed him also, in the meantime creating the photo. The photo got an award the following year in Budapest, but as Sándor doesn’t really like those awards, he is not even remembering exactly the details of it. Nothing can surpass this moment.

The third one is called “Visitors”.

The fourth one “Eva”. The work is created in the art camp organized by Minimum Party Society, Kászonfeltíz, Transylvania, Romania (2002) and this is Sándor’s part from the co-production between Sándor and his partner. The model was Sándor’s partner at that time, who is also an artist. She also created “Adam”, where Sándor was the model.

Here are six works inspired by horses, at “Incitato” art camp, Kézdivásárhely, Transylvania, Romania.

The last two were created for the exhibition “Window to the world” Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, Romania.

Three works for the exhibition “EU Bulvar” Sfântu Gheorghe, Transylvania, Romania. A photo series about the relations between women and men. Sándor is quite happy finding the fourth one as in the past he was painting still life, special shapes bottles. Sándor’s master once said they don’t seem to be bottles, they are like embracing people (you can find some of those in the paintings menu).

Last but not least three works were created for the “OBO” annual exhibition of the Covasna county Artists Union, Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, Romania. The works are basically the documentation of a happening. Please do not be confused, in the second and third work the coat is on a tree, not on a human …

Thank you for the time to review Sándor’s analog photographs. Please note those works are not for sale. They are basically the documentation of different nature art projects or happenings performed by the artist. The idea was to give you a brief of Sándor’s analog photographs, true without the negatives it’s quite hard to give back the original feeling based on what the photo was once taken. Apologies for the quality, and if you may have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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